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Fermentation has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Beer, wine, bread, cheese, coffee and chocolate all use fermentation. These products taste great and make us feel good.

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Kombucha is a long-forgotten relative. It is a tasty, tangy, bubbly, delicious and nutritious drink. It refreshes and makes you feel great without alcohol. So why haven’t you heard about it?

Kombucha gained popularity in Europe between the 17th and 20th centuries, but war halted the availability of two needed ingredients: tea and sugar. Besides some places in Eastern Europe, most people forgot about the drink.

After the war, giant new industries started making petroleum-based products (like plastic). As pollution grew, cancer rates rose. This reawakened interest in kombucha when two regions in Eastern Europe (the Solikamsk and Berezniki districts) were found to be nearly cancer-free. Researchers discovered families in these areas made and drank kombucha for hundreds of years.

Health enthusiasts and scientists began to rediscover and promote kombucha. The Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote in 1967 that kombucha cured his stomach cancer; and a famous German doctor, Rudolph Sklenar, claimed he successfully used kombucha to treat cancer and other diseases with fantastic results. Even US President Ronald Reagan is said to have drank over 1L of kombucha per day when he successfully beat cancer in the 1980s.

beautiful girl enjoying fresh organic raw tea of life kombucha on a beach in ibizaIn the 1990s kombucha became very popular in California. Movie stars and celebrities discovered its great health benefits and weight-loss potential, and were shown drinking it in popular magazines. News of the “ancient elixir” spread across the USA. Ayurveda teachers and holistic doctors recommended kombucha as a cleansing detoxicant and to treat digestive problems.

All of this helped kombucha’s continuing comeback in the new millennium. Recently, scientists conducted experiments that confirmed raw kombucha helps detoxify the liver and kidneys. They also discovered it can protect against:

Environmental Pollutants     

Damage from Radiation                                                       

Oxidative Free Radicals

Modern science has affirmed the wisdom of the past by demonstrating kombucha’s powerful health properties. This ancient elixir has returned at a time when people need it’s cleansing and healing power. Go get a bottle of raw kombucha and experience this Tea of Life today!

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Tea of Life is raw kombucha made by fermenting a delicious blend of organic sweet teas with an ancient probiotic culture, the “mother.” The mother transforms the sugars into healthy organic acids that help digestion, clean the liver and balance the pH of the body.

Many companies pasteurize their kombucha and kill its healthy and natural probiotics. They force-carbonate and add sweeteners or artificial flavors (like aspartame) to make their product more like a soft drink.

Raw and organic Tea of Life kombucha is very different. It contains a wide spectrum of beneficial enzymes and probiotics that carbonate (create bubbles) naturally by consuming residual sugars. This requires much more care during the brewing process, but the result is an amazingly “alive” drink that rejuvenates and refreshes.

Always read the ingredients before you buy kombucha. There is a lot of junk out there. Keep your body clean and drink Tea of Life!

SPECIAL NOTE: When you see small “floaties” in your kombucha, do not be alarmed. This is vitamin-rich nutritional yeast and a tasteless and tiny kombucha culture. This is natural and ONLY grows in bottles of raw kombucha.