delicious organic raw kombucha tea of life sold in europe enjoyed by young girl in ibizaNutrition

Tea of Life Kombucha delights and nourishes with essential vitamins and healing organic acids. This combination of great taste and nutrition is delicious and unique. Its power comes from 100% organic and 100% natural ingredients, not additives or artificial flavors.

We use only the best ingredients to create a satisfyingly refreshing taste. Our medley of teas provides powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients which are enhanced during Tea of Life Kombucha’s month-long fermentation period. Pure, simple ingredients are transformed into a nutritional powerhouse of detoxification and rejuvenation.

So what are the benefits of drinking this elixir of life?


Occasionally everyone gets a little out of balance. Our stomach gets acidic and we suffer from heartburn, or we indulge in things like caffeine or alcohol. Sometimes we just feel a little off and can’t explain why. This is all part of life and the key is to find balance.

Tea of Life Kombucha naturally helps you reach equilibrium, especially when enjoyed first thing in the morning. If too acidic or too alkaline, your body is harmonized to its natural, balanced state. Heartburn and indigestion often disappear as healthy organic acids return your stomach and blood to optimal pH levels. This helps the growth of beneficial probiotics that help digestion and assist your immune system.

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Your liver wants you to feel good. It tries so hard to keep you at the top of your game, in peak condition and feeling great. But environmental stresses overwhelm this friendly organ. It is under attack by pollutants in our air, food and water.

Many packaged food products are full of added chemicals and artificial flavors. The liver struggles to filter out all these unfamiliar compounds but it is like we’re surrounded by processed foods with nowhere to escape.

Help is on the way. Tea of Life Kombucha contains complex organic acids that help your liver expel dangerous substances. Healthy acids (gluconic and glucuronic) cleanse your body by making dangerous pollutants water-soluble so they naturally leave your body. This gives the liver a breath of fresh air so it can work to make you feel great!

Drinking Tea of Life Kombucha causes your body to release and expel dangerous toxins. Heavy metals (like mercury, lead and aluminum) as well as plastics flow naturally out of your system. Follow up your daily Tea of Life Kombucha with a glass of water to help the cleansing process and feel the amazing effects of this powerful detoxifier!

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Focus & Mood

Does coffee give you jitters or make you tense? Has a big night out left you feeling drained?

Tea of Life Kombucha gives you a wide assortment of B vitamins that calm nerves and recharge your muscles. These vitamins derive naturally from live-probiotic fermentation so they absorb into your system much easier than extracts, pills or “energy-drinks”. This makes you feel great as your body and mind are naturally stimulated without added caffeine or chemicals.

Tea of Life Kombucha grounds you by soothing nerves and refueling your body. It helps the liver process whatever is in your system and takes significant burden off this “friendly organ”. Many people say drinking kombucha gives them a feeling of serenity and happiness.

The next time you want clean energy, drink Tea of Life Kombucha!