raw organic kombucha tea of life moment as beautiful girl walks on beachIbiza

Ibiza offers beauty and excitement to millions each year. Beaches and vistas meet delicious food and drink while vibrant energy fuels the evenings’ pleasures.

But it has many sides. Some flock to Ibiza for its incredible nightlife while others seek a relaxed and healthy vacation. Many search for a mix of excitement and tranquility.

 Tea of Life Kombucha is perfect for Ibiza because it offers the best of both worlds. It energizes and relaxes. It stimulates and calms. It fuels the balance we all need to live healthy lives.

ibiza party with organic raw kombucha tea of life from ibiza europe


Tea of Life Kombucha is great for drinkers and nondrinkers alike. A wonderfully refreshing beverage, it optimizes the body’s pH and assists the liver. This helps to balance the effects of alcohol. You feel less fuzzy and more energized. You can jump into the party and onto the dance floor.

Drinking Tea of Life Kombucha naturally enlivens the mind and body and can also help avoid hangovers. A spectrum of easily-absorbed B vitamins goes strait to your muscles (including your brain) to keep them fueled and nourished. Healthy organic acids help process residual and stagnant chemicals in the body, so people find Tea of Life gives them a clean and focused “high”. Drinking it throughout the night can save your tomorrow.

organic raw tea of life from ibiza europe saving dog from hangover

Of course, sometimes we go overboard and suffer the next morning. Never fear! Tea of Life Kombucha will nurse you back to health. Its power and benefits work best when it is taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Revitalize yourself with this natural hangover cure!


Now it’s time to rest and recharge. Let’s go to the beach and have a swim. Or maybe do yoga under some trees. Better yet, let’s grab a nice meal and just sit and enjoy this beautiful day. It’s a great feeling just to watch the sun make its way to the horizon.


raw organic kombucha tea of life from ibiza europe beautiful beach picture

This is the other side of Ibiza. It’s a place of quiet meditation and healthy food. A place where people spend the day lounging in the sun or chatting in cafes. Where you’re enriched by good company and beautiful surroundings. Where the soft summer breeze wraps you in a blanket of warm relaxation.

The magic of the island heals and rejuvenates. People come here after a stiff and chilly winter to bask in the sun and forget their worries. Its beauty and comfort can replenish the soul.

Tea of Life Kombucha is like Ibiza put in a bottle. It transforms your inner-body by promoting the growth and balance of healthy microflora. Energizing probiotics recharge your digestion and purify your body, just as the island refreshes your mind.




At a beach or restaurant, during a picnic or after exercise, Tea of Life Kombucha is the perfect drink to complement a life of balance.


natural raw organic kombucha tea of life from ibiza europe enjoyed in a cafe restaurant